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WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before you dump THOUSANDS of dollars to play "AAU"!!

Is there value to AAU? The answer is sometimes. There are some very good programs and coaches in the Western PA area, but each individual experience is dependent on so many variables - the coach, # of players on the team, level of competition of tournaments, your son/daughter's role on the team, practice schedule, travel schedule, etc.


Let's remember what AAU was originally designed for: high-level competition and exposure to college coaches. For many years, AAU only existed for HS level players, and for good reason. It was not meant for youth players because 5th graders aren't getting recruited by college coaches. Other reasons that make it difficult at the youth ages is that the overall level of competition and coaching varies, and competitive tournaments can be hard to find.

At the youth levels, most times you get a 1.5hr practice during the week, run by a parent coach, and 3 games guaranteed in a weekend tournament. In those short 1 hour games, your son or daughter may only be on the court for a total of 30 minutes per game, getting 3-10 shots per game, and rarely having the ball in their hands. It may SEEM like you are getting a lot of basketball, because you are sitting around in gym all day on Saturdays and Sundays, but the reality is, your son or daughter is probably getting an hour or so of basketball, 10-30 shots, maybe 15 total minutes of having the ball in their hand.


Forget the average $700-$1000 team fee you pay, the hundreds of dollars you will pay in admission fees at tournaments, the gas money, potential hotel costs, and overall consumption of time. Even putting all of the cost aspects aside (Around 2k-5k for a 3 month AAU Season) what is the real value provided? Is it competition? Is repetitions? Is it confidence? Rarely do I see these things translate from youth "AAU" basketball. There has to be a better option, and now there is. 


Maximum Hoops Academy - $1000


March April May

Begin your off-season with well-rounded approach to jump-start your overall development focusing on three main areas:


Live Play

Basketball IQ

Guaranteed 6 hours of basketball per week. 

Shooting School - Mondays -0 530-630, or 630-730

Live Play (1 on 1, 2 on 2, 5 on 5) - Tuesdays 6-8pm

Game Film Breakdown - Wednesdays 5-6

X and O's Class (Learn Plays, Run Them, Understand Why!) - Thursdays

Complete Player Skills - Fridays -430-630

Live Play 3 on 3 - Saturdays

But wait, does this mean my kid won't be playing in any "real" 5 on 5 games? THAT IS CORRECT. Your son or daughter probably just finished a 20+ game travel season. The last thing they need is to go play more games. If you want games, then this is not the right program for you. They will get plenty of Live Play, but in a meaningful setting.

This is a $2250 value that you will get for $1000. There will be no hidden costs, no travel costs, and it is so heavily discounted that you do not need to worry if you miss any dates due to conflicts.

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