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Maximum Hoops
Film Breakdown 

One of the most important things for a player to see at any level, is to understand what their game looks like from a coaches perspective. This is a great teaching tool, for coaches to show players things they are doing well, and areas they can improve. This is also important for a player who is looking to be recruited, to know the things they need to start to show on their film.

In 2013, Coach Brodzinski helped start BeTheBeast Recruiting, as served as a national recruiting director for a 8 years period. During that time, he evaluated film of over 2,000 athletes from all over the country, and internationally.  As a former coach, Coach Brodzinski has broken down film at every level including NCAA D1, NCAA D2, and NCAA D3.

Now Coach Brodzinski can evaluate your game film, and give you experienced feedback and consulting from a former Division 1 Coach. This product is meant for boys and girls basketball players in grades 4-8th.

Film Breakdown 

All Film Breakdown Packages start with an overall full game film evaluation from Coach Brodzinski estimated at a 1-2 hour time table, plus the following:


  • Written Film Breakdown & Evaluation of Areas of Improvement



  • 1 hour In-Person Film Breakdown Session With Coach Brodzinski

  • Written Evaluation of Areas of Improvement

Once you purchase a package, Coach Brodzinski will provide you with a dropbox link to provide him with Full Game film, or you can provide HUDL login information Please email with any questions.

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