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Film Breakdown


Parents & Players: We spend large amounts of time and money, playing games, working out, traveling to tournaments, etc. However, very few players are actually studying the game, or more importantly watching themselves play on film.

One area this can really help with is your decision making in games. How do you know if you are missing opportunities to score, if you are late on your defensive rotations, and all of the little areas you could improve in a game setting? 

It is time to have your game film broken down by a former college coach and national recruiting director, who has experience at the NCAA D1, NCAA D2, and NCAA D3 levels, and 8 years of experience breaking down game film of players from all over the country.  

Coach Brodzinski will watch your game, and then go through it with you, so you can see and hear, what a former college and high school coach see's when they watch you play. This will benefit the player, so they can hear what changes they can make in game situations, to maximize their performance, along with building confidence in the player's approach.


The film being used could be school, travel, or AAU film.

The cost of the film study package is $199


Coach Brodzinski Watching The Film Prior To Meeting

Meeting with Coach Brodzinski To Go Through Game 

Written Summary of Strengths & Areas of Improvement

Please e-mail with any questions.


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